Dowco Valve Company

Dowco Services

Dowco Valve offers a variety of services, below are descriptions of what's available:

Certified "VR" Repair Steam / Air / Liquid / Gas
ASME Code Section I and VIII
All Manufactures
On-site Testing On-site testing using electronic lift-assist device
or portable test stand.
Line Valve Repair Control, Gate, Globe, Check, Ball-Valves, All Manufactures.
Mobile Repair Units Repair all types of valves at your plant.
Valve Maintenance Tracking Valve Data entered into database for preventative maintenance
programs and are tracked for life.
Field Surveys Survey and evaluate valves for safety concerns and compliance
requirements per service condition.
Valve Sizing & Selections Using sizing programs for safety & pressure relief valves,
control valves, tank vents & rupture disks.
Portable Machining Portable equipment to repair all types of valves.
Rentals are now available.
Code Repair National Board Boiler & Pressure Vessel “R” Stamp Repairs.